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Bloomberg Gun Attack Safety Tips

Bloomberg Gun Attack Safety Tips – What Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, and other liberal politicians, suggest that you do if faced with a crazed gunman …

If faced with a crazed gunman:

  1. Run briskly to a ‘€œgun free zone’€.  This way the attacker will not be able to use his gun, since guns are not allow in ‘€œgun free zones’€.
  2. If this does not work, forcefully point to the sign to make the crazed attacker realize he is in a ‘€œgun free zone’€.
  3. If this does not work, shout really loudly, ‘€œDid you not see the sign?’€ Hopefully, this will cause the madman to comply and not kill you.
  4. If this does not work (and you are still alive), leave the ‘€œgun free zone’€ and proceed to the nearest place with the most armed good guys and pray it is not too late to save your life.

If this fails, argue and make broad generalizations about ‘€œdoing something’€ but offer no plan whatsoever to deal with the guns in the hands of criminals.


These steps are not required if you are Michael Bloomberg, Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama, Michael Moore, Rosie O’€™Donnell and already have great access to protective firearms by simply asking your security team to take action.  This is great also since you don’€™t need to carry the firearms yourself.  These steps are for regular folks (aka. ‘€œsuckers”) who do not have their own armed security details.

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