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Shampoo Warning

Shampoo Warning – Why don’t we ever *read* the warning label on the shampoo bottle?

I just discovered this important information – I don’€™t know why I didn’t figure this out sooner!

It’€™s the shampoo that I use in the shower.

When I wash my hair the shampoo runs down over my whole body’€”and printed very clearly on the label on the shampoo bottle, it says ‘€for extra body and volume‘€

No wonder I keep gaining weight!

I’€™ve learned my lesson, though.  I’€™m now shampooing with Dawn dish washing detergent – its’€™ label reads, ‘€œdissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.’€

Problem solved!

If I don’€™t answer the phone … I’€™m in the shower!

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