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Funny movie quotes from The Great Lover

Funny movie quotes from The Great Lover starring Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming

Bob Hope stars as Freddie Hunter a reporter who is chaperoning a troop of scouts aboard an exotic ocean liner. However Freddie would rather pay more attention to Duchess Alexandria (Rhonda Fleming) than his scouts. But Freddie has more to be concerned with than his scouts and the Duchess-a homicidal gambler looking to frame him for his murderous deeds. The film also stars George Reeves (The Adventures of Superman) and Jim Backus (Gilligan’s Island and the voice of Mr. O) and is directed by Alexander Hall (Here Comes Mr. Jordan).

Freddie Hunter (Bob Hope): Where do you think I’m from, Kokomo? I’m from North Zanesville, brother! The big town!

C.J. Dabney: The wonderful thing about Paris is that you can get French champagne at domestic prices.

Freddie Hunter (Bob Hope): [after waking up to reveille] Every morning – Harry James!

Freddie Hunter (Bob Hope): [after kissing Alexandria] I’m not worth it, but if I’m not, who is?
[Barks like a dog]

Freddie Hunter (Bob Hope): I promise I’ll be a good Boy Forrester.
Stanley Wilson: Loyal? Cheerful? Hopeful? Truthful? Brave and clean?
Freddie Hunter (Bob Hope): Brave and clean.
Stanley Wilson: No tobacco? No alcohol?
Freddie Hunter (Bob Hope): No tobacco. No alcohol.
Stanley Wilson: No women?
Freddie Hunter (Bob Hope): No tobacco.


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