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Funny movie quotes from The Croods

Funny movie quotes from The Croods (2013) starring Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone

Gran (Cloris Leachman): I was in love once. He was a hunter, I was a gatherer. It was quite the scandal. We fed each other berries, we danced. Then father bashed him on the head and traded me to your grandfather.

Ugga (Catherine Keener): Mom, we’re ready to leave. Mom?
[Silence, Grug Looks Hopefully]
Gran (Cloris Leachman): Still alive!
Grug (Nicolas Cage): It’s still early.
Gran (Cloris Leachman): And you’re still fat!

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): You’re really heavy.
Eep (Emma Stone): [flattered] Really? Thank you!

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): Okay, open them. I call them shoes.
Eep (Emma Stone): [Opens her eyes and screams in panic and excitement] I love them! Where are my feet!
Guy (Ryan Reynolds): Don’t worry! They’re still there.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): I can’t believe your family has never seen rain!
Eep (Emma Stone): We don’t get out much.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): [Referring to Belt] Don’t eat him! He will cut you! He’s a pet! My pet!
Gran (Cloris Leachman): What’s a “pet”?
Guy (Ryan Reynolds): It’s an animal you don’t eat.
Gran (Cloris Leachman): Ha! We call those “children”.

Grug (Nicolas Cage): Splitting up is a bad idea, it is much safer if we stay together
[Notices Guy and Eep very close and separates them]
Grug (Nicolas Cage): Except for you two. You need to be separate.

Grug (Nicolas Cage): Don’t. It could be dangerous.
Eep (Emma Stone): Dad, you always say that.
Guy (Ryan Reynolds): Careful.
Eep (Emma Stone): Oh, okay.
[Grug sighs in exasperation]

Grug (Nicolas Cage): Three days is not forever!
Eep (Emma Stone): It is with this family.

Grug (Nicolas Cage): [after Guy hands out shells so they can “call” each other] I don’t see why the kids need their own shells.

Grug (Nicolas Cage): We’re going tooooo… That mountain. Don’t ask me why, just a hunch, just feels right.
Ugga (Catherine Keener): Grug, we’ve never walked that far!
Thunk: I don’t think my feet can go that far.
Gran (Cloris Leachman): I’ll never live long enough to get there.
Grug (Nicolas Cage): [grinning at Gran’s statement] Lets do it!

Eep (Emma Stone): [talking about Guy] I thought he was a warthog, but then he turned into a boy.
Gran (Cloris Leachman): Strange, it’s usually the reverse.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): You’re being irrational and counter-productive!
Grug (Nicolas Cage): Big words make me angry, c’mon, keep talking.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds): Stay here if you want, but let me go! I’ve got a dream! A mission! A reason to live!
Eep (Emma Stone): Not anymore!

Grug (Nicolas Cage): No more dark. No more hiding. No more caves. What’s the point of all this? To follow the light. I can’t change. I don’t have ideas. But I have my strength. And right now, that’s all you need.
Ugga (Catherine Keener): No, we don’t know what’s over there. Maybe nothing! It’s too risky!
Grug (Nicolas Cage): It’s a chance.
Guy (Ryan Reynolds): I’ll take that chance.
Grug (Nicolas Cage): You know, I’ve wanted to throw you away ever since I met you.
Guy (Ryan Reynolds): Heh. That’s a joke, right?
Grug (Nicolas Cage): [jokingly] What’s a “joke”?
[throws him over to the other cliff]

Eep (Emma Stone): [Grug hugs Eep] This is good… what do you call this?
Grug (Nicolas Cage): I call it… a hug. Because it rhymes with Grug; but you can always change it if you don’t like it.
Eep (Emma Stone): No,
[Hugs Grug]
Eep (Emma Stone): I like it.

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