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Funny movie quotes from Brats

Funny movie quotes from Brats, starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Funny movie quotes from one of Laurel and Hardy’s best short films, ‘Brats’, where Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy play both themselves and their young sons, the ‘Brats’ of the title.

Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): [as he’s losing a game of checkers to Stan Sr.] Will you brats keep quiet? How do you expect me to concentrate?

Stan Sr. (Stan Laurel): If you must make a noise, make it quietly.
Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): Make a noise quietly. Hmph!

Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): Boys will be boys.
Stan Sr. (Stan Laurel): Blood is thicker than water.
Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): Blood’s thicker than water. Hmph!

Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): That’s it. If you brats don’t be quiet you’ll have to go to bed.
Stan Sr. (Stan Laurel): Yes we’ll have to go to bed.
Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): Not we, The kids.

Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): If you brats don’t get to bed, I’ll break your necks!
Stan Sr. (Stan Laurel): Shh. Don’t talk to them like that. Treat them with kindness. You’ll get more out of them. Remember the old adage, you can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead.

Ollie Jr. (Oliver Hardy): [after being warned for the last time to be quiet] Lett’s play hide and seek!
Stan Jr. (Stan Laurel): You’re it.
Ollie Jr. (Oliver Hardy): No, you’re it!
Stan Jr. (Stan Laurel): No, you’re it!
Ollie Jr. (Oliver Hardy): No, you’re it!
Stan Jr. (Stan Laurel): [crying loudly] I don” want to be it! WAH![throws a tantrum]

Ollie Sr. (Oliver Hardy): [singing softly] Go to sleep, my ba-a-a-by, my ba-a-a-by, my ba …
Stan Sr. (Stan Laurel): [interrupting loudly] MY BA-A-ABY!
[kids wake up with a shocked start]

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