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Funny quotes from Maisie Gets Her Man

Funny quotes from Maisie Gets Her Man – starring Ann Sothern, Red Skelton – a funny and sweet World War II comedy

Funny quotes from Maisie Gets Her Man

Maisie Ravier  (Ann Sothern): No, he ain’t no college professor, he’s a knife thrower!

Hap Hixby ( Red Skelton): Don’t leave now, you’re missing the best part!
Maisie  Ravier (Ann Sothern): Am I? That’s the first break I’ve had today!

Pappy Goodring (Allen Jenkins): [referring to  Red Skelton] Friend of yours?
Maisie  Ravier (Ann Sothern): Uh-uh. I take my corn with lima beans.

Hap Hixby (Red Skelton): He thinks I’m like the cross-eyed man who was arrested for burglary — he just looks crooked.

Hap Hixby (Red Skelton): Hey, why don’t you join my act? With your brains and my looks we’d be a sensation. Just say the word.
Maisie  Ravier (Ann Sothern): Just say the word.
Hap Hixby ( Red Skelton): Just say the word …
Maisie  Ravier (Ann Sothern): Uh-uh. I’ve always been a clean-spoken girl.

Hap Hixby (Red Skelton): You can’t quit show business! Vaudeville’s in your blood!
Maisie  Ravier (Ann Sothern): In my blood? So that’s where it went.

Maisie  Ravier (Ann Sothern): Oh, Hap, get out of the corn field.

Jasper: The blue plate special; it’s good today — it’s got meat in it.

Hap Hixby ( Red Skelton)  [inebriated]: Would you like me if I was stupid?
Maisie  Ravier (Ann Sothern)  [inebriated]: Well, don’t I?

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