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Funny movie quotes from Twice Two

Funny movie quotes from Twice Two starring Laurel and Hardy

Funny movie quotes from Twice Two with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, playing themselves and each other’s wives, celebrating their one-year anniversary — and ending with a large fight!

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Baby, how about we go out to dinner?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): [butting in] That”€™s a good idea. Let”€™s go to Foo-Yung”€™s and get some sukiyaki.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): “€œSukiyaki.”€ Hmph!

Stanley (Stan Laurel): Ollie said we should go out to dinner to celebrate our university.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Well what did she say?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): She told me not to tell you that she’s got a surprise for you.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Well don’€™t tell me.
Stanley (Stan Laurel): I won”€™t. I can keep a secret.

Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): Where’s the ice cream?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): They didn’t have any.
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): Well why didn’™t you go somewhere else?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Well I spent the fifteen cents calling you up.
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): “€œSpent the fifteen cents calling me up.”€ Hmph!

Stanley (Stan Laurel): Fanny.
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): What?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Would you go to the kitchen and get the horse’s radish?
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): You go get it yourself. “€œHorse’s radish”€! Hmph!

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Can we stop this quarreling to get dinner over with so I can find out what the surprise is?!?
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): [To Stan] Oh! So you did tell him, didn’t you?
[Stan nods. Mrs. Laurel looks at the ceiling and when Stan does so too she smashes a plate on his neck]
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): Now let that be a lesson to you!

Mrs. Hardy (Stan Laurel): Why don”€™t you leave him alone. You”€™re always picking on him. Pick pick pick pick.
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): You keep your big mouth out of this!
Mrs. Hardy (Stan Laurel): [gasp] Did you hear what she said?
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): [gives a little nod]
Mrs. Hardy (Stan Laurel): [crying] I haven”€™t got a big mouth have I?
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): [shakes his head]

Delivery boy: Does Mrs. Laurel live here?
Mrs. Hardy (Stan Laurel): Mmm-hmm.
Delivery boy: Will you see that she gets this cake?
Mrs. Hardy (Stan Laurel): I certainly will.
[takes the cake and goes to her]
Mrs. Hardy (Stan Laurel): The man said to be sure you got this.
Mrs. Laurel (Oliver Hardy): Thank you.
Mrs. Hardy (Stan Laurel): [slams the cake into her face]

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