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Funny movie quotes from Three Hams on Rye

Funny movie quotes from Three Hams on Rye – a funny Shemp-era Three Stooges short film

Shemp: Come with me to the casbah-dor!

Moe: Listen to me spout Shakespeare! A rose by any other name would smell…
Larry: And so do you!

B.K. Doaks (Emil Sitka): [to the Stooges] If I had someone to replace you in that Southern act, I’d fire you!

Moe: Remind me to kill you later.
Shemp: I’ll make a note of it!

Shemp: That must be Nick Barker! He’s disguised as a black banana!

Shemp: Moe, I’ve got bad news for you — you forgot to buy the cake.
Larry: And the salad!
Moe: You imbeciles! Why did you let me forget?

Moe: Pal, I don’t know what I would’ve done without ya … but I know what I’m gonna do with ya! [assaults Shemp]

Moe: Miss Jaime-belle, what do you call this delicious cake?
Christine (Christine McIntyre): I call it old point comforter. [walks off]
Larry: Tastes more like an old comforter!
Moe: I get the point!

Moe: You know, this cake is as light as a feather! [starts coughing out feathers]

Shemp: [pulling a fried egg out of his mouth] Boy, is that cake fowl!

Shemp: To be, or not to be, that is the question!
Moe: Here is the answer! [hits Shemp in the face with a cake]

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