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Funny movie quotes from Pick a Star

Funny movie quotes from Pick a Star (1937) starring Jack Haley, Rosalina Lawrence, Patsy Kelly

Funny movie quotes from Pick a Star – a sweet romantic comedy, with an extended cameo by Laurel and Hardy

Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): Do you mind if I smoke?
Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): I don’t care if you burn!

Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): And what are you doing?
Newlywed: Nothing.
Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): Well, would you mind going downstairs and doing it with your wife.

Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): Come on, Joe, let’s get outta here.
Sheriff: Here, here. Look here, look here. Now, I’m the Sheriff.
Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): Well, do your duty and go back to sleep.

Radio Announcer: [on the radio] I wish all you folks listening in could be here tonight. Why, I can stand here at the microphone and reach out and touch Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor and a dozen others.
Cecilia Moore: Did you hear that Nellie?
Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): Tell him to touch Clark Gable for me.

In Hollywood

Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): Oh and by the way, where are all these movie stars like Garbo and Gable that you were going to show us?
Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): Did you want to see stars?
Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): Well, certainly. You didn’t think we wanted to look at you all night, did you? At least show us Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or somethin’.

Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): My dear, I can’t even allow myself to think of marriage.
Cecilia Moore: No?
Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): No! For several reasons. First, my contract won’t allow it. Second, my public won’t permit it. And third, I’m not the marrying kind!

Dimitri Hogan: I don’t want any sarcasm out of you. All I want is: hot!
Dagmar: Well, I’m giving you all the hot I can give!
Dimitri Hogan: Well, give me: hotter!
Dagmar: Ho-kay!

Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): [Nervous about getting on an airplane for the first time] I’m so afraid that I might get frightened that I’m scared to death!

Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): [after a singing star throws a tantrum on her movie set] You see, Dagmar is what we call “tempramental”…
Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly): You mean she’s what you call tempramental. She’s what we call nuts!

Laurel and Hardy

Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, JAMES FINLAYSON in "Pick a Star"

Oliver Hardy: [filming a scene south of the border] Muchas gracias, Señor.
Stan Laurel: Tango. Machismo. Viejo.
Oliver Hardy: Correcto.
Stan Laurel: Sacramento.

Director (James Finlayson): Now, you know what you’ve got to do?
Oliver Hardy: We know it backwards.
Stan Laurel: Say, do we have to do this backwards?
Director (James Finlayson): No, no, no!
Stan Laurel: Well, when am I supposed to look dumb?

Bonding after a fight

Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): I should have realized. But, I was swept off my feet. You know that.
Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley): Yes.
Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): Beautiful night. Beautiful girl.
Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley): You bet your life she is.
Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): Propinquity.
Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley): Pro- I don’t believe it! If it was, it was all on your side.
Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): Of course. She’s a sweet girl.
Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley): I know she is.

Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): I was a brute. All men are brutes.
Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley): Yes. I guess they are.
Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): So, you too, huh?
Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley): Who me? Oh, no. No.
Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer): Never?
Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley): No. Well, hardly ever.

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