Harry Houdini's funeral

Harry Houdini’s funeral

Among the pallbearers at Harry Houdini’s funeral were the noted Broadway producers Charles Dillingham and Florenz Ziegfeld … enjoy the joke!

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Cardiologist's funeral

Cardiologist’s funeral

Cardiologist’s funeral – how could this beautiful funeral cause one of the mourners to laugh out loud? Enjoy the joke!

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The miser's dying wish

Miser’s dying wish

A very funny joke about the miser’s dying wish – and how his wife chose to honor that wish! Technically, she did, after all – enjoy the joke!

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Ole and Lena

Ole and Lena – Ole dies

Ole and Lena – Ole dies From the series of ‘Ole and Lena’ jokes – what Lena does after Ole passes away – *very* funny!

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