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Funny movie quotes from Rio Rita

Funny movie quotes from Abbott and Costello’s first movie for MGM, “Rio Rita” ‘€™Wishy’€™ (Lou Costello): Answer the phone. ‘€˜Doc’€™ (Bud Abbott): It didn’€™t ring. ‘€˜Wishy’€™ (Lou Costello): Why wait until the last minute? [phone rings]
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Your forefathers

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
Your forefathers – classic Abbott and Costello comedy from their movie, Comin’ Round the Mountain [after walking into an old beat-down cabin] Wilbert (Lou Costello): How could my kin folks ever live in a joint like this? Al Stewart (Bud Abbott): Probably your forefathers lived here. Wilbert (Lou Costello):...
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