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Signs that Cupid has gone insane

Signs that Cupid has gone insane

Too many years of being stuck in a dead-end job can even affect Cupid …

  • Is on retainer to Pam Anderson.
  • Traded in the diaper for leopard-skin Speedos.
  • Thinks it’s funny to keep making Barack Obama all madly in love with himself.
  • Recent Oreo binges making it impossible for tiny wings to support his bloated girth.
  • Offering “special military discount” to Army drill instructors.
  • Shows up with an arrow through his head and shouts, “Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuse me!”
  • He’s got three days of stubble, he’s waving a half-empty bottle of Everclear, and he’s up in a clock tower with a pink assault rifle, screaming about “that amateur Chuck Woolery.”
  • Has given up his bow and arrow in place of a bazooka.

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