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Repainting the Church

Repainting the Church – How not to repaint the church … an atrocious pun with a funny punchline!

The church board decided that the church badly needed a new coat of paint, raised the funds and appointed Brother Johnson the job of repainting the small church. Brother Johnson, in a moment of weakness, only purchased half of the paint needed, and pocketed the remaining money. He then proceeded to thin the paint with water, and painted the church. No sooner had he finished and stepped back to admire his work, when clouds rolled in from nowhere, and a sudden downpour washed the entire coat of thinned paint from the building. Brother Johnson, bewildered, looked up at the sky and asked, “Why, Lord?”

The clouds parted in order to let a single beam of sunlight fall upon Brother Johnson, and a heavenly voice boomed, “Repaint, and thin no more!”

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