M*A*S*H – doing inventory

M*A*S*H – doing inventory – From the old M*A*S*H TV show – Hawkeye and Margaret are taking inventory … and it turns into a series of Henway jokes! Enjoy!

Hawkeye: Sulfa…where’s the sulfa?
Margaret: The sulfa’s in the living room.
Hawkeye: What?
Margaret: The sulfa’s in the living room. Between the end tables.
Hawkeye: (astonished) Margaret, you told a joke!
Margaret: I’m tired.
Hawkeye: “The sulfa’s in the living room.” (starts laughing) I can’t believe you said that!
Margaret: (laughing now, too) I told you I was tired!
Hawkeye: No, I love it! Somebody’s finally been messing with your funny bone! Okay, sulfa…we got plenty.
Margaret: Sulfa so good. (starts laughing again) Morphine.
Hawkeye: No, thanks, I got plenty. (They both crack up, then start to compose themselves.) Digitalis?
Margaret: No, I’m keeping it a secret. (They both lose it for good.)

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