Funny movie quotes from Vivacious Lady

Funny movie quotes from Vivacious Lady, starring Ginger Rogers, Jimmy Stewart

Funny movie quotes from Vivacious Lady – a very funny romantic comedy with Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers.  The two get married after meeting one night, and then try to hide their marriage from the family …

Helen: I’m going to give you a piece of my mind…
Francey: Oh, I couldn’t take the last piece!

Hattie – Maid at Prom Dance: If my husband wouldn’t let me smoke, I’d find me a way to get me a husband that would.
Francey: It depends on which you enjoy the most.

Francey: I think she’s wonderful.
Keith Morgan: She is. She was my favorite aunt before she married my uncle.

Peter Morgan, Jr.: Oh, sweetheart. Here we are arguing in public and nobody even knows we’re married.

Francey: If she gets any closer to him, she’ll be behind him.

Helen: You know, Peter and I are engaged to be married.
Francey: Oh, is that so?
Helen: Not that I think knowing that would make a big difference to you.
Francey: Well, no.
Helen: You see, Peter needs protection against a certain type of woman.
Francey: Oh, I could work on that.
Helen: Now, are you going to mind your own businesses, or must I really give you a piece of my mind?
Francey: Oh, I couldn’t take the last piece.
[the female fisticuffs begin after this, with Helen slapping Francey]


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