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Funny movie quotes from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Funny movie quotes from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) starring Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Boris Karloff

Gertrude Griswold: Walter, what’s that awful smell?
Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye): It’s that cologne you gave me for Christmas.
Gertrude Griswold: It’s lovely, isn’t it?

Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye): Your small minds are musclebound with suspicion. That’s because the only exercise you ever get is jumping to conclusions.

Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye): Here I am, lard face.

Mrs. Mitty: The clock didn’t strike. I definitely heard it not strike.

Dr. Hollingshead (Boris Karloff): Perhaps you are mistaking me for someone else.
Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye): Oh no. No one looks as much like you do as you do.

Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye): [singing while daydreaming that he’s Anatole of Paris] And why do I sew each new chapeau with a style they must look positively grim in?/Strictly between us, entrez-nous, I hate women.

Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye): Did you see a woman in a green dress? I didn’t see the driver’s face, but the back of his head was kind of… oblong

Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye): Pockata! Pockata!

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