Funny movie quotes from Restless Knights

Funny movie quotes from Restless Knights, starring the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curly)

Larry: All for one!
Moe: One for all!
Curly: I’m for myself.

Queen: Where do you come from?
Larry: Paris.
Curly: Show her the postcards! [gets slapped by Moe]
Queen: What were you doing in Paris?
Moe: Oh, overlooking the Paris sights.

Moe: [betting] Three guineas, two geese, and a duck.
Larry: That’s a fowl bet. [gets hit by Moe]

Moe: Queenie, he’s got the strongest feet in the kingdom!

Moe: What’cha do with the Queen?
Larry: Who, me?
Curly: Maybe he trumped her.

Larry: [the Stooges are about to be executed by crossbow] Maybe they’ll miss us!
Curly: That’ll be an arrow escape!

Larry: Cut my head off!
Curly: Not me! I’d rather be burned at the stake!
Larry: Why?
Curly: A hot steak is better than a cold chop!


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