Funny movie quotes from The Munsters Revenge

Funny movie quotes from The Munsters Revenge starring Fred Gwynne, Yvonne DeCarlo, Al Lewis, Sid Caesar

Lily Munster (Yvonne DeCarlo): Everybody’s here except poor Marilyn.
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): You can’t blame them, they don’t want to scare away the customers.

Eddie Munster: Let me take a picture so I can show the guys in the Bat ‘n Ball club just how famous my family really is.
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): Bat club? Hey, Eddie, you could get into that kind of a club on my name alone!
Eddie Munster: Well, I don’t know, Grandpa, they don’t take just anybody.
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): Eddie, we’re just not anybody, son.
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): That’s right, Eddie, your father’s a little bit of everybody and your grandpa has got some of the best blood in Europe flowing through them veins…

Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): [to a wax statue of himself] Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, you rascal!

The Raven: Eleven O’Clock and all is well… but what do I know?

Lily Munster (Yvonne DeCarlo): I just talked to aunt Elvira. She’s flying in from Salem… for the Halloween holiday.

Phantom of the Opera: You’ll see, when I attain superstardom, it will be because of this magnificent voice, not because I’m just another pretty face.

The Boy: I’ll never forget it, that face… there was blood dripping from the fangs.
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): That’s impossible! I’ve been on the wagon for over a year.
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): That’s right, you can ask ’em down at the B.S.A.
Chief Boyle: The Boy Scouts of America?
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): Blood Suckers Anonymous.

Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): [locked in a jail cell] Herman, I have slept in just about every closet and coffin in the world, but this place give me crosstophobia!

Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): You hear that, Herman, hm? The pride of Transylvania treated like a common criminal. Heh, Well, I’ll tell ya, that’s enough to drive a man to drink! Hm. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a nice Bloody Mary. Or Dorothy or Emily.

Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): [addressing the Cave Girl Robot] Excuse me, my dear, could I interest you in a little bite?
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): Grandpa, she’s only a robot. That woman can not talk.
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): I know… those are the best kind.

Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): I don’t wanna hear one more word about food until I’m being fed!
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): [Grandpa sees a great amount of money being passed from one person to another] Holy Transylvania, look at that lettuce!
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): What?
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): What a load of cabbage!
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): Cabbage?
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): I’ve never seen so much bread!
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): Lettuce, cabbage, bread, Grandpa, you’ve got a mean streak in you!

Glen: [about Herman and Grandpa] I have to take them in… to, eh jail.
Marilyn Munster: And let them get brutalized?
Glen: Nobody’s gonna brutalize them.

Dr. Diablo (Sid Caesar): [an alarm goes off] What’s with the music?

Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): [disguised as a waitress] I hope nobody gets fresh. You know how hard it is for me to say no.

Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): [disguised as a waitress] Are my seams straight?
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): [also in disguise] They are… Unfortunately, your legs are crooked.

Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): [disguised as a waitress] We’re new here.
Slim: She hasn’t been new anywhere in years!

Dr. Diablo (Sid Caesar): Now, gentlemen, as you know, the National Gallery has been kind enough to make a little celebration for us on Halloween and I have a little surprise for them, that’s gonna make all you gentlemen, and especially me, very rich.

Phantom of the Opera: [singing] Deck the halls with strings of garlick, falalala lalalala. Arsenic eggnogs make us frolic, falalala lalala laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Igor: Herman, oh! I remember you when you could hardly walk.
Igor: Guess we did a pretty good job, eh?
Igor: He seems to be holding together quite well.

Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): [trying out his life-giving potion on Igor] Here goes nothing!
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): Cross your fingers…
Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis): Please. No crosses!

Dr. Diablo (Sid Caesar): I’m gonna throw a party, I mean the party of all party. I mean it’s gonna be a party that even Nero and Caligula would be jealous of.

Dr. Diablo (Sid Caesar): A man in his lifetime has only one night like this! I’ll have nothing interfere with mine.

The Raven: Ten O’Clock and boy, is this a dull party!

Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): I wish Grandpa were here and maybe he’d get one of my good ideas.

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