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Funny movie quotes from The Long, Long Trailer

Funny Movie Quotes from The Long, Long Trailer (1954) starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz

Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): It’s a fine thing when you come home to your home and your home is gone!

Tacy (Lucille Ball): What happened?
Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): Oh nothing, I just cracked my skull.

Mechanic: [repeated line] Trailer brakes first!

Tacy (Lucille Ball): Get that check back. I was going to get us a deep-freeze.
Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): [gesturing to the in-laws staring coldly at them] You’re getting a deep-freeze right now.

Mrs. Hittaway: This is Mrs. Dudley, the big vagabond next door.
Tacy (Lucille Ball): How do you do, Mrs. Vagabond?

Mechanic: Think of it as a train behind you. Forty feet of train.

Mrs. Hittaway: What good is a trailerite if not to help out another trailerite?

Tacy (Lucille Ball): You didn’t let me finish. I was going to say ‘turn right here left’.
Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): Turn right here left? Have you any conception how much room it takes to turn this thing around? We may have to go on for miles.

Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): Been married long?
Park Keeper: About 31 years.
Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): Have many fights?
Park Keeper: Nope.
Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): Then take my advice: don’t buy a trailer.

Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): [narrating] It was a matter of what would give out first: me or the money.

Aunt Anastacia: You tore down my roses with your lousy, stinking trailer! [starts crying]

Tacy (Lucille Ball): [as they are packing up the trailer for the honeymoon] Honey, I told you to put your clothes in the hall closet!
Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz): [in a heavy accent] Well, the hall closet is full of your things.
[sounds like “thins”]
Tacy (Lucille Ball): Oh. Oh, well, put your thins there temporarily. Now come on.

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