Funny movie quotes from The Greatest Show on Earth

Funny Movie Quotes from The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) starring Charleton Heston, Gloria Grahame, Cornel Wilde, Betty Hutton, Jimmy Stewart

Angel (Gloria Grahame): Listen, sugar, the only way that you can keep me warm is to wrap me up in a marriage license.

[To Holly, as his blood is being transfused into Brad.]
Sebastian (Cornel Wilde): If he should make love well after this, pay no attention – it will be me.

Holly (Betty Hutton): I’d hate to have your nerve in a tooth!

Angel (Gloria Grahame): You are a sourpuss, aren’t you?
Brad Braden (Charlton Huston): Yeah.
Angel (Gloria Grahame): You want to bite somebody?
Brad Braden (Charlton Huston): Yeah.
Angel (Gloria Grahame): Well, pick your spot.

Buttons (Jimmy Stewart): Clowns are funny people, they only love once.
Holly (Betty Hutton): All men aren’t that way, even if they act like clowns.

Holly (Betty Hutton): [singing] When things go wrong, and life’s no song, and you’re flat on your back, that doesn’t mean you have to lie there: be a jumping jack!
Buttons (Jimmy Stewart): [singing] Keep on the hop, and if you flop, and everything looks black, stand on your head and holler “hi there!” Be a jumping jack!
Holly (Betty Hutton): When things go up, they must come down, and also visa verse. If things look bad, don’t fret and frown – they could be ten times worse!
Buttons (Jimmy Stewart): Your train of luck, it may get stuck if something’s on the track; give a good jump and you’ll get by there…
Holly, Buttons: Be a jumping jack!


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