Funny movie quotes from She’s Working Her Way Through College

Funny movie quotes from She’s Working Her Way Through College, a romantic comedy musical starring Virginia Mayo and Ronald Reagan

Prof. John Palmer (Ronald Reagan): I don’t know what there is about the pelts of dead little animals that makes ’em so attractive to women, when one little mouse scares ’em silly.

Prof. John Palmer (Ronald Reagan): I thought we’d cleared these parts of all wildlife.
Angela Gardner (Virginia Mayo): Wolves with crew haircuts. One senior, one sophomore.
Prof. John Palmer (Ronald Reagan): Ah, the campus variety. Known scientifically as Lupus boola-boola.

Don Weston: Why d’you eat that rabbit food? You oughta have something solid.
Angela Gardner (Virginia Mayo): I’ve got to watch my figure.
Don Weston: You eat. Let me watch it.


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