Funny movie quotes from Hugs and Mugs, starring the Three Stooges

Funny movie quotes from Hugs and Mugs, the Three Stooges short film where three beautiful ex-cons are searching for stolen pearls that have fallen into the possession of the Stooges — with gangsters looking for them as well!

Ella (Kathleen O’Malley): [to Larry] And what a beautiful head of scalp in front!
Larry (Larry Fine): You know what? I polish it with floor wax!

Fifi (Nanette Bordeaux):[to Shemp] I bet you’re a real lady killer.
Moe (Moe Howard): You bet! One look at him and they drop dead!

Shemp (Shemp Howard): I’ve been asked to get married hundreds of times.
Larry: Who asked you?
Shemp: My father and mother.

Lily (Christine McIntyre): Don’t be mad, sugar pie! I was only playing.
Moe: You should be playing tackle on a football team!

Fifi: Why don’t you give Fifi a great big kiss?
Shemp: What if my scoutmaster walked in on us?
Fifi: We’ll take the chance. [kisses Shemp]

Moe: I’ll fight for the woman that loves me! [pulls Shemp forward] Go ahead!

Fifi: What’s the matter?
Shemp: [having kissed a hot iron] I’ve got hot lips!

Shemp:[sitting on a hot iron] I smell something burning. Somebody’s roasting a ham. Ow! It’s me!

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