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Funny movie quotes from Double Wedding

Funny movie quotes from Double Wedding – a screwball romantic comedy starring William Powell and Myrna Loy

Margit Agnew (Myrna Loy): Mr. Lodge, I appeal to you as a gentleman.
Charles Lodge (William Powell): No-oh, I’m afraid you’ve got me confused with somebody else. I’m a vagrant.

Charles Lodge (William Powell) : Don’t think, you’re an actor.

Waldo Beaver (John Beal): Gangway, I’ve got yump!

Margit Agnew (Myrna Loy) : [speaking of her sister] I’m very proud of what I’ve done. I kept her from making mistakes.
Mrs. Kensington-Bly (Jessie Ralph): Well, it’s a lot of fun making mistakes sometimes.

Charles Lodge (William Powell) : I remember men in our regiment who’d ride out across the sands against the Arabs to face a certain horrible death carrying a rose in their teeth.
Margit Agnew (Myrna Loy) : I seem to see you with spaghetti.

Charles Lodge (William Powell) : [giving advice to Waldo] Women don’t like noble, self-sacrificing men. Women are not civilized like we are. They like bloodshed. They like forceful men, like me.

Charles Lodge (William Powell) : Now you look at a woman as if she had an overcoat on.
Waldo Beaver (John Beal) : Well sometimes they do.

Margit Agnew (Myrna Loy) : Do you take dope?

Waldo Beaver (John Beal) : Why do Bohemians have to stay up all night?

Mrs. Kensington-Bly (Jessie Ralph) : [to Margit] Oh why show me reports? Why can’t we stay around and play with Waldo and Irene for a little while?

Mr. Keough (Sidney Toler): I, Miss Agnew, was the first G-man – long before they thought of it in Washington.

Margit Agnew (Myrna Loy) : You big bigamist!

Mrs. Kensington-Bly (Jessie Ralph) : [to Margit about her dress shop] I angled this joint for only one reason – to put one over on the income tax – to lose money. You make profits! Do you want to ruin me? I’ve got it, we’ll double your salary!

Margit Agnew (Myrna Loy) : I used to dream about knights in armor and rumble seats. I’ve read Bryon and picked wildflowers.
Mrs. Kensington-Bly (Jessie Ralph) : Well, I’ve never read Byron, but you can’t tell me anything about rumble seats. [chuckles]

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