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Funny movie quotes from County Hospital, starring Laurel and Hardy

Funny movie quotes from County Hospital

Funny movie quotes from County Hospital, starring Laurel and Hardy

Stanley (Stan Laurel): I didn’t have anything else to do, so I thought I’d drop in and see you.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in County Hospital

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): [seeing that Stan has brought him a present] What have you got there?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): I brought you some hard boiled eggs and some nuts.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Now, you I can’t eat hard boiled eggs and nuts. If you wanted to bring me something, why didn’t you bring me candy?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): They cost too much.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): What does that got to do with it?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): You didn’t pay me for the last box I brought you.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): This is my friend, Mr. Laurel.
Doctor (Billy Gilbert): I hope I find you well?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Thank you, ma’am.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Don’t put your hand in there. I have to drink that water.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): You know you can’t get them over that foot!  Get the scissors and cut the leg off!
[Stanley looks as Oliver’s leg, poking it]
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): The leg of the pants!

Ollie’s Hospital Roommate (William Austin): Hardy, ol’ bean, what do you think?
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): What?
Ollie’s Hospital Roommate (William Austin): I have on your trousers by mistake.
[Ollie shows him his own pair, now turned into a pair of cut-off shorts; looks shocked]
Ollie’s Hospital Roommate (William Austin): OH, I SAY!

Doctor (Billy Gilbert): As for you, get your clothes on and get out of here at once! Do you understand?

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