Funny movie quotes about the Battle of the Sexes

Funny movie quotes about the Battle of the Sexes

[Star reporter Rosalind Russell her publisher/ex-husband Cary Grant that she’s leaving to get married.]
Rosalind Russel: [describing her fianceé] He treats me like a woman!
Cary Grant: What did I treat you like, a water buffalo?

His Girl Friday

Bartender W. C. Fields: [arguing with a customer about who knocked out Chicago Nellie years ago] All right, but I started kicking her. Did you ever kick a woman in the midriff with a corset on?
Customer: No.
Bartender W. C. Fields: It broke my toe.
Customer: Later on, she came back and beat both of us.
Bartender W. C. Fields: Yes, she did — but she brought another woman with her.  Elderly little woman with grey hair.

My Little Chickadee

Dennis O’Keefe: Why do so many marriages end up on the rocks?
Edward Everett Horton: Because women are such lying, scheming, deceitful, mercenary, hellcats?

Weekend for Three

Fred Astaire: [about co-star Cyd Charisse] We’re not quarreling. We’re in complete agreement. We hate each other.

— The Band Wagon

Ruth Gordon: [to prospective daughter-in-law] In our family, we don’t divorce our men — we bury them.

— Lord Love a Duck


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