Fairy tale jokes one liners

Fairy tale jokes one liners – A collection of one-line jokes and puns dealing with various fairy tales, such as Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, Cinderella, the three little pigs, etc.

  • On which side of the house did Jack’s beanstalk grow ?
    The outside !
  • What did Cinderella say when the Chemist lost her photographs ?
    Someday my prints will come !
  • What kind of pet did Aladdin have ?
    A flying car-pet !
  • What’s beautiful, grey and wears glass slippers ?
  • Who looked after Finderella ?
    Her fairy codmother !
  • Who’s that little girl who wears a red cape and goes around shouting “jerk!” at the Big Bad Wolf?
    That’s Little Rude Riding Hood!
  • Why was Cinderella such a poor football player ?
    She had a pumpkin for a coach !
  • Father Christmas: All right, my good lady, my face is my ticket.
    Box office attendant: Then you’d better watch out … there’s a feller inside who has the job of punching the tickets.
  • Why did Robin Hood steal from the rich ?
    Because the poor didn’t have anything!
  • Who in Treasure Island has a parrot that cries “Pieces of four, Pieces of four?”
    Short John Silver!
  • I wouldn’t let that Cinderella play on my hockey team.
    Why not?
    She keeps running away from the ball!
  • I like the story about the girl who steals from the rich and gives it all to Granny – “Little Red Robin Hood”
  • My favorite fairy tale is the one where the three creatures are scared of the Big Bad Wolf and they grow on trees!  You know, “The Three Little Figs”.
  • Myfavoritee film is about the man who casts spells in the middle of a swamp.  You know, “The Wizard of Ooze”!


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