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Christmas Books You Aren’t Likely to See

Christmas Books You Aren’t Likely to See – A list of punnish book titles and authors, such as ‘Humility, and How I Achieved It’ by I.M. Fabulous — only with a Christmas theme

  • The Art of Kissing, by Miss L Toe
  • Winning at Charades, by Vic Tree
  • Guessing your Presents, by P King
  • Bad Gifts, by M.T. Box
  • How to get a Great Present, by B Good
  • What do do after Christmas Dinner, by Clare Inup
  • 101 Cures for Indegestion, by Ivor Pain
  • Sledging for Beginners, by I.C. Bottom
  • Christmas Questions, by I Dunnoe & Noah Little
  • Make your parents get what you want, by Ruth Lesschild
  • Surprise present!, by Omar Gosh
  • I’d rather have fish for Christmas Dinner, by Ann Chovie
  • Happy New Year, by Mary Christmas
  • My Brother Hogs all the Potatoes, by Dick Tator


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