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Have a scar?

Have a scar? The clown just had his appendix removed ...
Have a scar? The clown just had his appendix removed … Clown 1: I just had my appendix removed. Clown 2: Have a scar?
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The Zoo Keeper

The Zoo Keeper - A Christmas pun - a shaggy dog story that I hope that you enjoy
The Zoo Keeper – A Christmas pun – a shaggy dog story that I hope that you enjoy This is the tale of the Crist family who worked at a zoo. Each year they claimed to be able to predict the overall mood of the year by watching the...
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Isaac Asimov photo - meretricious!
Meretricious! An anecdote (and a Christmas pun) from acclaimed science fiction author Isaac Asimov The late science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, told this story: Once Horace Gold [my editor] went too far. He rejected a story of mine which he called ‘€œmeretricious.’€ The word is from the Latin meretrix,...
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Buying a Barbie Doll?

Buying a Barbie doll?
Buying a Barbie Doll? Why is the gentleman, who has no children, nieces or nephews, in line to buy a Barbie doll? An atrocious pun for the punch line!
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A Santa Claus Pun

A Santa Claus Pun – A pun that’s truly atrocious – a ‘groaner’ as we call them around here, dealing with Santa Claus and his reindeer. It put a smile on my face, and I hope it puts a smile on yours as well. As you know, it is...
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