Bragging about heroes of history – the Alamo vs. Paul Revere

Bragging about heroes of history – the Alamo vs. Paul Revere – The Texan argues with the Bostonian – who was the greater hero, the men from the Alamo, or Paul Revere?

A Bostonian visited San Antonio and asked a native, ‘€œWhat is that dilapidated-looking ruin over there?’€

The proud Texan replied, ‘€œThat is the Alamo.  In that building, 136 Texans held off an army of 15,000 of Santa Anna’€™s regulars for four days.’€

‘€œMm-hmm.  And who was that man on horseback on that hill over there?’€ asked the man from Boston.

‘€œThat is a statue of a Texas Ranger.  He killed 46 Apaches in singlehanded combat and broke up 27 riots in his lifetime … Where are you from, stranger?’€ asked the Texan.

‘€œI’€™m from Boston.  We have our heroes there, too.  Paul Revere, for instance –‘€ started the man from Boston.

‘€œPaul Revere!’€ snorted the Texan.  ‘€œWasn’€™t he the one that had to ride for help?’€


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