Funny movie quotes from Swiss Miss, starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Funny movie quotes from Swiss Miss

Funny movie quotes from Swiss Miss, starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Cheese Factory Proprietor: Now I’ve an idea.
Oliver, Stan: You’ve an idea?
Cheese Factory Proprietor: I’ll buy the whole business for five thousand gruel.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Why for you’re being so generous, we’ll throw in our mule.
Stan (Stan Laurel): You can’t do that, Ollie, don’t be such a fool.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): It’s my idea! It’s just an idea of my own.

Stan (Stan Laurel): How often do they fill those barrels?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Every time they become empty.  What’s on your mind?
Stan (Stan Laurel): Huh?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): What’s on your mind.
Stan (Stan Laurel): Nothing.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): That brandy is put there for a humane purpose, and anyone that would stoop so low as to touch it without a just cause should be shot!
Stan (Stan Laurel): He certainly should!

Stan (Stan Laurel): I see a monkey.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): That doesn’t surprise me a bit

Anna: Are you afraid of me?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): No, ma’am.
Anna: Do you like me?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Yes, ma’am.
Anna: And you, do you like me?
[Stan looks around to see who she’€™s talking to]
No, you!

Stan (Stan Laurel): I’m not gonna go across that bridge.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): You just went across it!
Stan (Stan Laurel): I did?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Certainly!
[Stan looks down at what he just crossed over, and faints]

Anna: You’re so sweet.  And I’ve never thanks you for getting me into this hotel.
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): It was a mere nothing combined with a terrific pleasure.

Chef: I thought I told you two not to come back here!
Stan (Stan Laurel): [in disguise] Who?
Chef: You!
Stan (Stan Laurel): You know what? He thinks we’re us!
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): [laughs]
Stan (Stan Laurel): Isn’t that silly? We’re not us, we’re two other fellas, aren’t we?
Ollie (Oliver Hardy): Certainly!
Chef: I could pick you two out of a million.
Stan (Stan Laurel): I bet you couldn’t.
Chef: I bet I could.
Stan (Stan Laurel): I bet you couldn’t.
Chef: I bet I could!
Stan (Stan Laurel): Close your eyes. [Stan and Ollie run away while his eyes are covered]

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